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Katy Langley
Katy Langley received her DPhil in physical chemistry from Oxford University, focusing on the development of optical instruments for the spectroscopic detection of trace gases in breath. She joined Malvern Instruments in 2012 on completion of her doctorate and is currently the Applications Development Scientist for the Analytical Imaging development team.

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[13 Apr 2017 | ]

The prevalence of chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies in the supermarkets here in the UK can only signal one thing: Easter is upon us.  With the emergence of daffodils, buds appearing on trees, lambs frolicking in the fields and warmth seeping back into the northern hemisphere, the cold winter months are over.  Of course, it is not just in the western world that the arrival of spring, new life and new beginnings are celebrated.
In Japan, a country I had the pleasure of living in for a year and a half …

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[6 Oct 2016 | ]

Best practices for characterizing and manufacturing battery slurries and electrodes
The market for batteries is rapidly growing, and the increased demand for portable electronic devices, including mobile phones and laptops requires greater advances in battery technology in order to provide a light weight, long lasting and stable power source. Battery technology is also being pushed further in electric vehicle applications, which require even more lightweight, higher power and faster charging batteries.

Critical for the development and production of a battery is getting the right material composition and putting it together in such …

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[4 Feb 2016 | ]

私は 抹茶と 饅頭が 好きです!  (“I like matcha and manju!”)
A vibrant green colour with a slight vegetal smell, this powder is not a sample we commonly receive in the UK application labs.  But then, I am not in the UK.
抹茶は みどりのパウダー です。私は 日本 に すんでいます。
(“The green powder is matcha.  I am living in Japan.”)
My “day job” is working as an application specialist in the development team for the imaging products, based in the UK headquarters.  However, my current occupation is working as an applications scientist in the Malvern Japan labs.  I was given the exciting opportunity to move to …

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[8 Oct 2015 | ]

Hello once again from the Malvern development labs!
You may remember I wrote a blog last year about the Dispersion Index parameter on the Hydro Sight and how it can be used to supplement Mastersizer information on the dispersion state of your sample.  Well, in this blog I’m going to introduce you to another novel feature of the Hydro Sight:  automatic anomaly detection.  (There’s also a little game at the end that you can all play at home – and prizes are at stake….)
This feature is very useful for troubleshooting problems …

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[18 Nov 2014 | ]

Greetings from the Malvern development labs!
You may have seen that we have recently launched Hydro Sight, an imaging accessory for the Mastersizer range. This is a very exciting time for us (and not just because they’ve given us some cake and snazzy green t-shirts to celebrate…) – Hydro Sight is the first  product of the brand-sparkly new Analytical Imaging development team!
I’m Katy and I work on application development within the team and wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what we do. One of the novel features I’ve been …

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