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Lisa Newey-Keane
Lisa is Malvern Instruments’ Life Science Sector Marketing Manager. She holds a PhD in microbiology and protein biochemistry from the University of Birmingham. Lisa then moved to the product characterization team at Lonza Biologics in Slough and specialized in the use of HPLC and mass spectrometry for the analysis of therapeutic antibodies, later transferring these skills to her work at Shimadzu . Lisa has also worked within bioanalysis both at Novozymes in Nottingham and most recently at Quotient Bioresearch in Cambridgeshire, where she specialized in antimicrobial drug development. Lisa joined Malvern Instruments as the Biopharmaceutical Product Manager, before moving to the Biopharmaceutical Portfolio Manager role. She is now responsible for Malvern’s marketing within both small molecule and also biological drug development and manufacture, on a global basis.

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[1 Jun 2017 | ]

Our key driver at Malvern Instruments is to create technologies that make a difference or solve a problem, and working hand-in-hand with our customers enables us to make sure that’s exactly what’s happening, out in the field.  We place a high value on our collaborations and partnerships with customers from a wide range of industries and organizations across the globe and love to see how our systems are being used in real-world scenarios.  This gives us vital feedback on what we’re doing well, and also any tweaks we need to make in order to optimize …

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[2 Feb 2017 | ]

We are proud to announce Malvern Instruments’s Gold Sponsorship of Global Engage’s Biosimilars and Biologics Congress 2017.  This two-day event will be taking place on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th March 2017, at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz.
This meeting will be attended by industry, regulatory and academic experts from all areas of protein, antibody and biosimilar research and will comprise three topic streams: Innovations in Antibody-based Therapeutics; Expression, Purification and Characterization (with a particular focus on product stability and half-life); Biosimilars.
Natalia Markova, Principal Scientist, Malvern MicroCal, will be discussing …

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[10 Jan 2017 | ]

At Malvern, we love hearing stories from our customers about how they use our technologies to help them better understand and control their products. From time to time we are going to share some of these stories in a feature we have entitled “Customer Spotlight”.
Our very first Customer Spotlight is from Amber Fradkin of the Particle Characterization Core Facility at KBI Biopharma in Boulder, CO. Amber received her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering within the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Program, with a specialization in the field of immunogenicity of therapeutic protein aggregates, at the University …

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[14 Jun 2016 | ]

MDRS Technology
Finally!  After what has felt like one of the wettest and longest winters in memory here in the UK, we’re now heading into the long, mellow days of midsummer.
But casting its miserable shadow over the barbecues, school holidays and paddling pools is the dreaded allergy season.  As one of the downsides of life in our “green and pleasant land”, during June we are hit hard by the combined impact of pollen from trees, grasses and weeds.
Many of us are now taking a daily antihistamine of some sort, and others …

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[25 May 2016 | ]

We’re lucky here at Malvern Instruments to have a large number of customers and collaborators who are happy to share their experience of using our technologies for an ever-expanding range of applications.  Some co-write peer-reviewed papers with us, others help us create application notes, whitepapers and customer stories, and some choose to present webinars as part of Malvern’s webinar program.
We love seeing how our instruments are put to use solving real-wold problems, and the comments we receive from our customers suggest we’re not the only ones!
It’s been a bumper couple of months …

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[7 Apr 2016 | ]

We are proud to be sponsoring the 9th Annual Proteins and Antibodies Congress, to be held at the Novotel London West, UK on 18th and 19th April 2016.  Malvern MicroCal’s Principal Scientist, Dr. Natalia Markova, will be chairing the Protein Expression and Characterization Stream on the morning of Day 1, and will go on to deliver her own presentation on high resolution profiling and optimization of antibody stability through size distribution and conformational stability studies at 14.50 that same afternoon.
The event is co-located with two other congresses: the 3rd Annual Peptides …

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[21 Mar 2014 | ]

Q: What’s the connection between scientific meetings and buses?
A: You seem to wait forever for one, and then they all arrive at the same time.
I know: not exactly worthy of a stand-up routine, but isn’t it true?
It does seem as if conference season is well and truly underway now, with a real glut of meetings over the coming weeks (and actually, the coming months, as well!).  We at Malvern love being on our travels, second only to meeting with and chatting to our customers – and if we can include …

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[13 Jan 2014 | ]

Happy New Year to all, and what better way to start 2014 than with a trip out to the California desert?
From January 13th – 17th, 2014, CHI’s PepTalk will once more be holding its Protein Science Week in beautiful Palm Springs, with pipelines covering therapeutic protein development, formulation and stability, and production challenges including aggregation and purification. We at Malvern are particularly excited about the Formulation, Stability and Aggregation discussions, to find out what new challenges our customers are beginning to face, and we’re really eager to talk to those …

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[7 Mar 2013 | ]

At the end of this month, I am off to London’s Hammersmith for a couple of days to attend Oxford Global’s 6th Annual Proteins Congress.  This meeting wil be held on March 25th-26th at the Novotel London West Hotel, and promises to attract upwards of 220 scientists working within the proteins and biotherapeutics worlds.  The focus of the meeting, which is co-located with the Biosimilars & Biobetters Congress and the 3rd Annual Vaccines Congress, will be on antibodies, biotherapeutics, protein expression, purification and characterization, and immunogenicity and aggregation.
I’ll have the …

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[6 Nov 2012 | ]
Biopharmaceutical Witchcraft and Wizardry at MiBio 2012

Eye of newt…
I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself: I’m Lisa Newey-Keane – brand new Biopharmaceutical Product Manager at Malvern Instruments.  I say “brand new”, but I’ve been working away feverishly behind the scenes for a couple of months already.
Over the years, most of my experience has been gained in the contract manufacturing and research industries.  From a first degree in Marine Biology I progressed to a PhD in Microbiology and Protein Chemistry, then spent a few years at Lonza and Novozymes, where I used mass spectrometry amongst …

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