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Crystal Structure Determination

Crystallographic analysis of X-ray diffraction data.

X-ray crystallography is used in many fields of chemistry, mineralogy and physics. Not only in the so-called crystalline state (ordered position of ions, atoms or molecules) but also in the amorphous and liquid states that do not have long-order periodicity.

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[24 May 2018 | ]

Detection of trace polymorphs, determination of amorphous content, and the study of the stability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) subjected to heat and humidity are some of the many applications where a modern powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) system can add value to drug development.  Advances in beam conditioning and detector technology have led to greatly improved detection limits, resolution, and range of applications now possible. Today’s modern, laboratory-based PXRD instrumentation and advanced software can greatly assist pharmaceutical scientists in their quest to develop high quality, stable products and accelerate their …

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