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Fluorescence Detection

Detection of fluorescent nanoparticles: visualize, size and concentration.

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[16 May 2017 | ]

With Pre-Conference Workshop on Biophysical Characterization and Particle Analysis

Date:┬áJuly 17th – 20th.
We at Malvern know that protein stability is important in numerous disciplines, ranging from basic and medical biochemistry to pharmaceutical sciences. However, it is rare that researchers from all the relevant areas can join to discuss the critical issues in the field. The 2017 Colorado Protein Stability Conference provides a unique forum for this exchange of information. The topics to be covered include protein folding, dynamics and thermodynamic stability; amyloidosis and protein aggregation; and stability, formulation, analysis and processing …

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[3 Mar 2016 | ]

For fluorescent samples (like quantum dots) the Zetasizer has an option that can minimize the effect of (incoherent and thus undesirable for dynamic light scattering) fluorescent light: the narrow band filter eliminates most light that is not very close to the laser wavelength.
Narrow band filter – how it works and specifications
The narrow band filter is an optical component made out of glass with a special coating to reflect light outside the designated wavelength range. Only a select range (in the illustration, the red light) can be transmitted.
In the Zetasizer, the …

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