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Morphologi G3

The Morphologi G3 is an advanced yet easy-to-use particle characterization tool for the measurement of particle size and particle shape from 0.5 microns to several millimeters.

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[7 Feb 2018 | ]

A week today, we will be excitedly preparing for the launch of the brand new Morphologi® 4 and Morphologi 4-ID! As we approach the next exciting chapter in Morphologi’s evolution, I’ve been looking back at just how far this instrument has come over the years.
Malvern Panalytical’s first foray into static morphological imaging was our acquisition of the Pharma Vision 830 in late 2003.  This system worked by using a linear actuator to automatically move the camera across the sample tray as it took digitized video images. At the time, it …

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[7 Sep 2017 | ]

Standing at just under 3800 m tall with its distinctive symmetrical cone-shaped peak, the majestic Mount Fuji, or Fujisan (富士山) as it is known locally, is one of the most iconic symbols of Japan.
Therefore, it seemed only appropriate that whilst on secondment in Malvern’s Tokyo application lab, I should attempt to reach the summit of this famous volcano and, in something of a cliché, watch the sunrise from the highest peak in the Land of the Rising Sun.
There is only a short window each year in which one is permitted …

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[13 Apr 2017 | ]

The prevalence of chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies in the supermarkets here in the UK can only signal one thing: Easter is upon us.  With the emergence of daffodils, buds appearing on trees, lambs frolicking in the fields and warmth seeping back into the northern hemisphere, the cold winter months are over.  Of course, it is not just in the western world that the arrival of spring, new life and new beginnings are celebrated.
In Japan, a country I had the pleasure of living in for a year and a half …

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[24 Nov 2016 | ]

Additive manufacturing, also commonly referred to as 3D printing is the process of building a three dimensional structure or component from the ground up, usually layer by layer. There are seven main categories of additive manufacturing processes, as defined by the ASTM Committee F42 on Additive Manufacturing Technologies. These include:

Powder Bed Fusion
Vat Polymerisation (Stereolithography)
Material Extrusion (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Material Jetting
Binder Jetting
Sheet Lamination

Powder bed fusion is an Additive Manufacturing process in which a powder layer is deposited on a building platform and a laser or electron beam used to selectively melt or fuse …

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[23 May 2016 | ]

Nous vous invitons a participer aux 20èmes rencontres de granulométrie que nous organisons prochainement.
Découvrez toutes les techniques pour caractériser vos micro et nanoparticules :

Pour répondre aux recommandations de REACH
Pour transférer facilement vos méthodes de mesure d’un ancien granulométre laser vers un appareil de nouvelle génération
Pour valider avec certitude la présence de nanoparticules inférieures à 100 nm dans vos produits
Pour travailler sans diluer à haute concentration
Pour compter vos nano et micro-particules
Pour mesurer des protéines ou autres macromolécules à très faible concentration et avec de très petits volumes par microfluidique
Pour analyser une …

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[26 Aug 2015 | ]

One of my hobbies is re-enacting battles of the Civil wars. I am a musketeer fighting for the Earl of Manchester’s Parliament regiment against the troops of King Charles. As I prepare for the Siege of Chester, our August Bank holiday muster, checking the lock, stock and barrel of my musket, I have been thinking how things have changed over the last 3 centuries.  
Loading a 17th century musket via the barrel takes tens of seconds.  Even the best musketeers might only have been able to fire off 3 shots in a …

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[8 Apr 2015 | ]

Fluidized Bed Coating
Improving the fluidized bed coating process with PAT & AI
Leia este blog no Português
On the morning of February 25, 2015, a doctoral defense was performed by Carlos Alexandre Moreira da Silva, Master in Chemical Engineering from University State of Campinas (Unicamp), under Prof. Dr. Osvaldir Taranto Pereira’s supervision.
The thesis titled “Application of Process Analytical Technology and Artificial Intelligence to monitor and control a fluidized bed coating process” developed in Chemical Engineering Faculty at the State University of Campinas, set an innovation in the study of the key parameters involved …

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[20 Nov 2014 | ]

As Malvern Instruments were sponsors at this year’s Malvern Festival of Innovation, Andrew Brock and I were invited to give a talk at the Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing symposium.  We chose to talk about additive manufacturing (AM) – more commonly known as 3D printing – and the impact it has had on design and production at Malvern.
In the last few years here has been a lot of hype about 3D printing and the amazing opportunities it presents, from creating copies of human organs to aid surgeons, to printing your own car.  …

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[4 Jul 2014 | ]

Hay fever sufferers, put that tissue away – there is help at hand!
Summer has got off to a flying start in the British Isles, with some fabulously sunny weather enjoyed throughout June. July has brought with it some pretty heavy showers, but we Brits known that’s only to be expected with the tennis underway at Wimbledon! The good news for most of us is that forecasts are looking promising again as we head deeper into July, so hopefully we can continue to relax in the sun, enjoying barbeques and  long evening …

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[14 May 2014 | ]

I am really looking forward to my next trip as it is somewhere I have never been before. The sale of a Morphologi G3-ID in Australia to Southern Cross University has finally given me the opportunity to go and visit which is very exciting!
I will be heading over to give training on the newly installed system at the Southern Cross Geoscience research center. The group undertakes innovative research that contributes to the understanding and improved management of land and water resources with particular reference to the impact of human activity.
To …

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[8 Apr 2014 | ]

After the last Imaging Masterclass on good experimental practice I thought I would share my top tips for sample preparation, based on my own experience. You can view the recording of the webinar here.
Get to know your sample!
The first thing I would advise anyone to do is to look at their sample. Take a dry powder – by tumbling a pot of sample you can assess how cohesive or how sticky a sample is. Small particles, smaller than 10 microns or so can be very cohesive due to high surface energy …

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[11 Mar 2014 | ]

During February we held the first session in our popular Imaging Masterclass series, “Understanding the application of automated analytical imaging for particle size and particle shape analysis.”  The class introduced the basic concepts of image analysis, discussing the parameters that can be measured and how this information relates to real world problems. You can view a recording of the webinar on our website.
We had lots of questions at the end of the session, which is always the sign of a great class.  We weren’t able to get through all of …

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[21 Feb 2014 | ]

A new year brings a new job for me as Product Manager for Malvern’s Analytical Imaging range. This brings exciting challenges to think about possible new products and find new applications for our current ones. So that brings me over to Seattle to the American Academy of Forensic Science 66th Annual Scientific Meeting.
On Monday I attended the ‘Applications of Raman Spectroscopy for trace evidence examinations’ workshop chaired by Patrick Buzzini of West Virginia University. There was a really informative introduction to Raman spectroscopy given by Edward M Suzuki which explained …

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[3 Oct 2013 | ]

Mardi 1er octobre 2013, Malvern France a fait découvrir à ses clients l’analyse d’images associée à la spectroscopie Raman.
25 personnes de différents horizons (Rouen, Montluçon, Lyon, Dijon, Nancy, …) sont venues participer à cette journée. Plus d’une trentaine d’échantillons ont été passés dans l’après-midi. Même si la Myrrhe a confirmé ne pas avoir de spectre Raman, tous les autres échantillons se sont révélés riches d’informations.
Tout le monde était ravi de cette journée et certains participants, impatients d’avoir leurs résultats, sont restés tard, bravant les bouchons de la banlieue parisienne.
L’analyse d’images est …

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[26 Jun 2013 | ]

As a product technical specialist I get to see many applications and customers. Something that has regularly come up is the problem of measuring fibers by image analysis.
Caliper based length and width measurements of fibers do not always give an accurate representation of the fiber, particularly if the fiber is curved or branched.
Now we have introduced four new fiber parameters for the Morphologi G3. The parameters give a measurement of the total length of a fiber including branches and also an average width over the total fiber length. These measurements …

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[11 Jun 2013 | ]

Some of my colleagues might say that I have a brain like a sieve : I’m not sure, but I don’t think they mean I classify everything into discrete particle size fractions 🙂 !
Sieving is still a very widely used technique in many industries where particle size is important, however laser diffraction is now being used routinely by many of these industries to gain much more detailed and robust particle size measurements.
If you’re thinking of switching from sieving to laser diffraction for your particle size measurements, Malvern have put together …

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[15 May 2013 | ]

Particle Characterization Explained
There is a wide range of commercially available particle characterization techniques that can be used to measure particulate samples. Each has its relative strengths and limitations and there is no universally applicable technique for all samples and all situations.
Which particle characterization techniques do I need?
A number of criteria must be considered when deciding which particle characterization techniques you need:
• which particle properties are important to me?
• what particle size range do I want to work over?
• are my samples polydisperse i.e. do I need a wide dynamic range?
• …

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[2 May 2013 | ]

For many particle characterization applications, a particle size distribution provides adequate information about the sample. However, for some applications particle shape can provide more appropriate or complementary information. There are three main categories where this is relevant:
Single particles or agglomerates?
Many particle sizing methods require complete dispersion of any agglomerates in the sample in order to make an appropriate measurement. Being able to view individual images in the dispersion and analyze them in terms of their outline shape allows the user to determine whether or not agglomerates are present and the …

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[25 Apr 2013 | ]

Many customers are not as familiar with automated imaging as a particle characterization technique. Here are three good reasons why you might want to consider automated imaging in addition to your more established techniques such as laser diffraction or microscopy.
Better understanding of particle properties
Automated imaging can provide data on particle size, shape, transparency and chemical identity in one measurement. In contrast to ensemble-based techniques such as laser diffraction, each individual particle in the sample is measured one-by-one, providing high resolution detailed information. This is often used to complement data from …

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[24 Apr 2013 | ]

PROCESS magazine Vogel Media present the Innovation Award at POWTECH/TechnoPharm.
The award honors the most innovative equipment and processing in several different categories. One of them is: Particle/Material Analysis and Characterization. Since the award was established we applied now 5th time. Three of the four products we applied for so far, made it to the winners rostrum.

2007 we won with our first chemical imaging system.
2008 we made it to the shortlist of the best three with our Kinexus rotational rheometer.
2011 we won again with our Mastersizer 3000.

So expectations for 2013 have …

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