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With 30 years of chromatography and light scattering experience, the Viscotek GPC/SEC systems and detectors from Malvern provide solutions for all applications of proteins, synthetic and natural polymers.

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[1 Jun 2017 | ]

Our key driver at Malvern Instruments is to create technologies that make a difference or solve a problem, and working hand-in-hand with our customers enables us to make sure that’s exactly what’s happening, out in the field.  We place a high value on our collaborations and partnerships with customers from a wide range of industries and organizations across the globe and love to see how our systems are being used in real-world scenarios.  This gives us vital feedback on what we’re doing well, and also any tweaks we need to make in order to optimize …

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[8 Dec 2016 | ]

Version Française
The French symposium of the French Group of Studies and Applications of Polymers (GFP) is the major French congress of polymers.
The 45th edition took place recently in Marseille under the bold architecture of the Villa Méditerranée, designed by Stefano Boeri, a committed actor of the Italian political and cultural scene.

During this conference, we presented the benefits of Viscotek SEC MALS 20.
The SEC-MALS 20 multi-angle light scattering detector  can be used on all GPC / SEC systems and especially Malvern’s latest OMNISEC range. The 20 signals of the SEC-MALS detectors connected …

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[8 Dec 2016 | ]

English version
Le colloque national du Groupe Français d’études et d’applications des Polymères (GFP) est le congrès français majeur des polymères.
La 45ème édition s’est déroulée récemment à Marseille sous l’architecture audacieuse de la Villa Méditerranée, conçue par Stefano Boeri, acteur engagé de la scène politique et culturelle italienne.

Durant ce congrès, nous avons présenté les avantages du Viscotek SEC MALS 20.
Le détecteur de diffusion de lumière multi-angle Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 peut être utilisé sur tous les systèmes de GPC/SEC et notamment sur le dernier OMNISEC de la gamme Malvern. Les signaux des 20 détecteurs du SEC-MALS …

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[13 Sep 2016 | ]

Together with Sysmex, our distributor in Benelux, we are proud to be Gold Sponsors of the International Symposium on GPC/SEC and Related Techniques, taking place from 26-29th September in Amsterdam.
One of our technical experts, John Stenson, is looking forward to presenting some exciting new data in his talk “Combining multi-detector GPC measurements with ultra-high pressure GPC separations” at 3:30 pm on Wednesday 28th September, and says:
“This presentation will discuss the issues related to dispersion and how these can be minimized. We will then show the first high quality data from a combined multi-detector/ UPLC™ …

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[15 Sep 2015 | ]

How can a quartz cuvette be properly cleaned?
The Zetasizer has a flow cell [ZEN0023] used in conjunction with either the titrator, the NanoSampler, or as a chromatography or field flow fractionation detector. A similar flow cell [ZMV1008] is also in use with the Zetasizer microV when used as a molecular weight detector in conjunction with the OmniSEC software. Advanced cuvettes may also be used in UV-Vis, fluorescence & circular dichroism spectrophotometers, MALLS as well as goniometer systems and other specialized optical detection. If the signal from the quartz cell is …

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[1 Sep 2015 | ]

Malvern is offering a two-day course designed to deliver comprehensive knowledge of Malvern’s Viscotek GPC/SEC technologies. The course will be held in Malvern’s Houston, Texas facility from October 21-22, 2015 and will cover the theory behind the advanced detection options of Malvern’s GPC/SEC instruments, as well as a thorough presentation of the OmniSEC software. This ensures that users will leave the course with an understanding of all of the hardware and the software that their sample interacts with, and how to extract the most information from their sample.
Topics covered in …

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[6 Aug 2015 | ]

Looking over an old powerpoint file from Viscotek, an interesting slide on a unique application stood out. Investigating samples of the 20S Proteasome by light scattering in conjunction with refractive index RI was able to clearly determine whether a particular sample contained ‘filled or empty’ proteasomes.
In that case, both the empty and the loaded proteasome showed an RI peak at the same elution volume. Thus with conventional calibration, one would have had to conclude that these samples had the same molecular weight. However light scattering revealed that the filled proteasome …

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[23 Jun 2015 | ]

Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) is a very popular analytical tool for characterizing natural and synthetic polymers.  This Wednesday Dr. Wei Sen Wong will show results from Triple Detection GPC systems for various polyacrylonitrile (PAN) samples in a webinar presentation.  Molecular weight (MW) distribution and structural information (Mark-Houwink plots) are of special interest to PAN research as well as for product and process specifications (QC).  His presentation shows GPC data that differentiated PAN samples with copolymer and/or branching features.  In addition, flow injection polymer analysis (FIPA) can be a fast and reliable tool for …

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[4 Jun 2015 | ]

San Francisco, CA. If you are in the Northern California Bay area then this might be of interest. We are exhibiting at the AAPS National Biotech meeting next week, and complimentary registrations are available for the exhibit at no cost to you.
Visit us at booth #412 in the San Francisco Marriott Marquis – Yerba Buena Ballroom and talk with a Malvern expert to find out more about:

Ultimate sensitivity in advanced chromatography detection, brand new OMNISEC
Combining the easiest-to-use SEC-MALS with Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
Finding structural information with Raman and the new …

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[10 Mar 2015 | ]

How to get the latest OmniSEC GPC software
One of the new developments at the Malvern exhibit at Pittcon is the OMNISEC system. If you are in New Orleans, come by our booth 3545 and take a look. We have already talked with quite a few existing users of our TDA and 270 systems. Did you know that the latest sofware version for our GPC / SEC systems is available for download from our website?
Where can I find and download the latest version of the OnniSEC software?
How to update your OmniSEC software:
Quick answer: OmniSEC software version 5.10
Did …

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[28 Jan 2015 | ]

Light scattering in chromatography can sometimes be challenging: The scattering signal is proportional to the size to the 6th power, and that is why particles in the mobile phase can lead to noise in the light scattering detector. Now we have special light scattering columns available specifically designed for low shedding, making them particularly well suited for analytical chromatography of proteins and peptides. The Viscotek PLS-columns are silica-based columns for the separation of proteins for light scattering applications. Their excellent stability minimizes particle shedding to maintain light scattering baselines as …

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[21 Jan 2015 | ]

When you think of Houston, your first thought might be ‘Houston, we have a problem’ – a (mis)quote from the Apollo 13 space mission.  Home to mission control for NASA space flights, Houston has been at the center of many high tech adventures over the last 50 years.
On January 27, the Texan city will play host to a very different type of launch.  At the forefront of technology once again, our Houston team will showcase a completely new and revolutionary GPC/SEC system from Malvern Instruments. For the field of Gel …

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[23 Dec 2014 | ]

As Christmas is getting ever closer, thoughts turn to gift giving and receiving. As the product manager for our Viscotek range, I can’t help but think in scientific terms when assessing what kind of present I would like to receive. So the question is this – which makes the best gift, one with a high molecular weight (MW), high intrinsic viscosity (IV) or both?
At the bottom end of the Christmas present scale is surely the ubiquitous gift of socks.  Socks make a small, lightweight present and can therefore represent low molecular weight.  They are easily foldable into a …

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[23 Oct 2014 | ]

The term polydispersity (or more recently dispersity without the poly, as per IUPAC recommendation) is used to describe the degree of “non-uniformity” of a distribution.  In the field of molecular/nanoparticular characterization there are in principle two different definitions of polydispersity, depending on the underlying property of interest.
In Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) and Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) we are interested in the molecular weight of the sample. The distribution obtained from GPC/SEC is typically a molecular weight distribution describing how much material there is present of the various molecular weight “slices.”  The …

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[10 Oct 2014 | ]

As a Product Technical Specialist at Malvern Instruments a great part of my job is talking to customers and finding out how they are utilizing our instruments to perform new and exciting research. My role focuses on the use of Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) to analyze biopolymers and proteins. Following on from my recent blog post about Hyaluronic Acid I want to highlight protein research and more specifically membrane proteins.
Part of my role is to keep up to date with the latest information being published which involves me reading a …

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[29 Sep 2014 | ]

On 30th September we held a webinar to introduce the latest update to our OmniSEC GPC/SEC software, version 5.1. For those of you that don’t know, OmniSEC is an integrated software solution for the advanced analysis of proteins and polymers by GPC/SEC, and is at the heart of all Viscotek systems and detectors.
OmniSEC has been be given an improved look and feel, including the following new features to maximize your productivity:

Selectable “polymers” or “proteins” user interfaces
“OmniSEC BIO” option to customize the interface with protein-specific language, settings and workflows
Integration with Waters EmpowerⓇ

Make …

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[12 Aug 2014 | ]

What is multi angle light scattering MALS / MALLS?
Light scattering is the effect of light being re-radiated from a sample containing molecules or particles. This scattering depends on the optical configuration of the setup, and in a typical experimental realization, the light is then detected at one or several different angles.
In the one-scattering-angle solution, the three most  popular designs are 90 degrees (also right angle light scattering or RALS), 7 degrees (also low angle light scattering or LALS), or 173 degrees (also non-invasive back scattering or NIBS). In the multi-angle …

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[11 Aug 2014 | ]

Come visit us at the American Chemical Society in San Francisco!
Malvern is exhibiting at the ACS meeting in the Moscone Center South and can be found in the 300 aisle, specifically booth number 326. Due to our ever-expanding range of equipment we have a wider booth than in previous years and you’ll find the following instrumentation on the stand:

Zetasizer  hydrodynamic size and zeta potential from a few microLiters
SECMALS-20 molecular weight detector  compatible  with any chromatography system
NanoSight nanoparticle tracking for high resolution number distributions & concentration info
MS3000 reliable, proven particle sizing …

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[15 Jul 2014 | ]

Hyaluronic Acid Analysis
As I am new to blogging I think a brief introduction would be good. My name is John Stenson, I am the Product Technical Specialist looking after the Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) related detector systems, known as our Viscotek product line. I am most interested in using our technologies to investigate the properties of Proteins and Biopolymers.
My role is extremely varied with one of the most enjoyable aspects attending conferences,  presenting exciting new research we have carried out and talking with other scientists. As part of this I …

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[22 Apr 2014 | ]

Are Lithium Bromide or other salts in your GPC system? Improve the working life of your pump seals by using the seal wash system for mobile phases with salt!
What is one of the best practices to keep any chromatography pump – as for example in the GPCmax or a modular GPC system – in prime operating condition? Connect the back flush and keep the mobile phase fresh.  Over time, leaky pump seals can occur in any chromatography system. This is most commonly associated with DMF (dimethylformamide) containing lithium bromide LiBr but …

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