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Automated imaging is a high resolution direct technique for characterizing particles. Individual particle images are captured from dispersed samples and analyzed to determine their particle size, particle shape and other physical properties.

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[25 Jul 2017 | ]

Why is it that structures built in Roman times have resisted the elements for thousands of years when more modern structures have suffered?
This was a question posed in a recent BBC news story ‘Scientists explain ancient Rome’s long-lasting concrete’ that caught my eye since we have pondered the question here at Malvern before as you can see in this application note “Component Characterization of Cements” where the Morphologi G3-ID was used to study and compare the composition of different cements.

How is the concrete made?
Ancient structures are built using concrete made from …

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[1 Jun 2017 | ]

Our key driver at Malvern Instruments is to create technologies that make a difference or solve a problem, and working hand-in-hand with our customers enables us to make sure that’s exactly what’s happening, out in the field.  We place a high value on our collaborations and partnerships with customers from a wide range of industries and organizations across the globe and love to see how our systems are being used in real-world scenarios.  This gives us vital feedback on what we’re doing well, and also any tweaks we need to make in order to optimize …

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[13 Apr 2017 | ]

The prevalence of chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies in the supermarkets here in the UK can only signal one thing: Easter is upon us.  With the emergence of daffodils, buds appearing on trees, lambs frolicking in the fields and warmth seeping back into the northern hemisphere, the cold winter months are over.  Of course, it is not just in the western world that the arrival of spring, new life and new beginnings are celebrated.
In Japan, a country I had the pleasure of living in for a year and a half …

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[21 Feb 2017 | ]

Afin de vous apporter un support concret pour utiliser votre système de façon optimale, finaliser vos bonnes pratiques de laboratoire et répondre à vos besoins spécifiques, Malvern organise des formations sur site ou en sessions dans nos 3 agences françaises (Orsay, Lyon et Toulouse).
Voici les dates de toutes les sessions programmées pour 2017 :
Objectifs : Perfectionner les méthodes de caractérisation des particules en voie sèche et liquide, définir les bonnes pratiques de laboratoire et s’adapter aux besoins spécifiques de chaque installation. Comprendre le principe physique …

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[29 Jun 2016 | ]

Over the past week I’ve had a lot of fun working with Malvern’s team in China to deliver a series of seminars designed to help researchers engaged in pharmaceutical product development. These meetings focused on how Malvern’s material characterization systems can help those developing and manufacturing oral solid dose formulations. During the seminar series, we had the privilege of meeting with well over 200 customers, providing us with the chance to learn about the challenges they are facing in product development, as they seek to select APIs and excipients which …

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[20 Jun 2016 | ]

Component-specific Particle Size
Follow that particle!

I’ve always thought it would be great to be the innocent driver in a movie chase scene who has to respond to the hero’s demand to ‘Follow that car’ as they try to keep tabs on the villain. I always imaged that this would unlock the silent racing driver within me, giving me the excuse to forget about speed limits and drive at the limits of my car’s performance. I’d also get the chance to practice my handbrake turns!
Although I have never been engaged in a …

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[11 Aug 2015 | ]

When working with a couple of our Morphologi G3-ID cement customers I have come to realize that cement is an incredibly complex product. Working with one of our customers in the cement industry we wrote an article, published last year in International Cement Review, discussing some of the challenges facing the cement industry and how the Morphologi G3-ID can help face these challenges.
Cements can contain a large number of components including any number of additives to adapt the cement behavior, the size and shape of any of these components can …

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[28 Oct 2014 | ]

This month we revealed the Hydro Sight and the Hydro SV accessories with a live lab ‘party’ celebrating 3 years since the launch of the Mastersizer 3000. The two new accessories have been designed to help our Mastersizer 3000 users achieve smarter particle sizing.
Since becoming Product Manager for the Imaging team here at Malvern, launching the Hydro Sight was a first for me so it has been a very exciting time. Not only because it is my first launch but also because the accessory itself actually brings Laser Diffraction and …

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[8 Apr 2014 | ]

After the last Imaging Masterclass on good experimental practice I thought I would share my top tips for sample preparation, based on my own experience. You can view the recording of the webinar here.
Get to know your sample!
The first thing I would advise anyone to do is to look at their sample. Take a dry powder – by tumbling a pot of sample you can assess how cohesive or how sticky a sample is. Small particles, smaller than 10 microns or so can be very cohesive due to high surface energy …

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[11 Mar 2014 | ]

During February we held the first session in our popular Imaging Masterclass series, “Understanding the application of automated analytical imaging for particle size and particle shape analysis.”  The class introduced the basic concepts of image analysis, discussing the parameters that can be measured and how this information relates to real world problems. You can view a recording of the webinar on our website.
We had lots of questions at the end of the session, which is always the sign of a great class.  We weren’t able to get through all of …

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[26 Jun 2013 | ]

As a product technical specialist I get to see many applications and customers. Something that has regularly come up is the problem of measuring fibers by image analysis.
Caliper based length and width measurements of fibers do not always give an accurate representation of the fiber, particularly if the fiber is curved or branched.
Now we have introduced four new fiber parameters for the Morphologi G3. The parameters give a measurement of the total length of a fiber including branches and also an average width over the total fiber length. These measurements …

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[11 Jun 2013 | ]

Some of my colleagues might say that I have a brain like a sieve : I’m not sure, but I don’t think they mean I classify everything into discrete particle size fractions 🙂 !
Sieving is still a very widely used technique in many industries where particle size is important, however laser diffraction is now being used routinely by many of these industries to gain much more detailed and robust particle size measurements.
If you’re thinking of switching from sieving to laser diffraction for your particle size measurements, Malvern have put together …

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[15 May 2013 | ]

Particle Characterization Explained
There is a wide range of commercially available particle characterization techniques that can be used to measure particulate samples. Each has its relative strengths and limitations and there is no universally applicable technique for all samples and all situations.
Which particle characterization techniques do I need?
A number of criteria must be considered when deciding which particle characterization techniques you need:
• which particle properties are important to me?
• what particle size range do I want to work over?
• are my samples polydisperse i.e. do I need a wide dynamic range?
• …

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[2 May 2013 | ]

For many particle characterization applications, a particle size distribution provides adequate information about the sample. However, for some applications particle shape can provide more appropriate or complementary information. There are three main categories where this is relevant:
Single particles or agglomerates?
Many particle sizing methods require complete dispersion of any agglomerates in the sample in order to make an appropriate measurement. Being able to view individual images in the dispersion and analyze them in terms of their outline shape allows the user to determine whether or not agglomerates are present and the …

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[25 Apr 2013 | ]

Many customers are not as familiar with automated imaging as a particle characterization technique. Here are three good reasons why you might want to consider automated imaging in addition to your more established techniques such as laser diffraction or microscopy.
Better understanding of particle properties
Automated imaging can provide data on particle size, shape, transparency and chemical identity in one measurement. In contrast to ensemble-based techniques such as laser diffraction, each individual particle in the sample is measured one-by-one, providing high resolution detailed information. This is often used to complement data from …

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[23 Oct 2012 | ]
Sampling nuts

I was watching QI recently and host Stephen Fry asked “Why do Brazil Nuts always rise to the top in a packet of mixed nuts?”
(For those who don’t know QI is a BBC quiz show, the quiz is about facts that are not widely known, or widely accepted facts that are in fact not true. Contestants are rewarded for answers that are Quite Interesting, thus the name QI.)
The answer to this question, according to QI, was ‘no-one knows’. Regular contestant Alan Davies received a bonus for this answer, a rare occurrence for Alan, but I …

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[30 Aug 2012 | ]
A polarized view of the world

Hi, this is Debbie again, Technical Specialist for Malvern’s imaging systems.
I always enjoy getting to work on new applications, especially at times where a change in the software allows me to do something I was not able to do before. Traditional manual microscopists often use cross polarized light to improve contrast on birefringent particles. Whilst polarizer accessories have been available with the Morphologi G3 for some time, for manual use, I am delighted that we now have the capability to measure with them automatically. This means we are now able to measures …

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[28 Jun 2012 | ]
Graz, ISO and bird nests

The ISO particle characterization technical committee is actually a subcommittee…
SC4 of ISO TC24 being that subcommittee. TC24 is “particle characterization including sieving”. SC4 is that part that isn’t concerned with sieves. It is the most active subcommittee of TC24 with 55 published standards and 34 in development. This subcommittee has been responsible over the years for standards such as 13320 (laser diffraction), 13321 and 22412 (DLS) and 14488 (sampling). Not to mention 13322-1 and 13322-2 (static and dynamic image analysis). As you’d expect it’s made up mainly of a bunch …

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[8 May 2012 | ]
On the road with the Morphologi G3

Hi again, I have just returned from a whistle stop tour of the UK with my Morphologi. It is great to meet users and potential users of the system and discuss their applications and ideas.
I started off at the UK seminars which over a two week period took place at the Celtic Manor at Newport, Ascot race course, Stirling management centre and Bradford. I gave live demonstrations of the Morphologi alongside the demonstrations of the Mastersizer 3000.
The audience got to see how we can disperse and measure dry powders and …

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[25 Dec 2011 | ]
When did Christmas turn spherical?

This Christmas, I will be travelling back to my homecountyof Cornwall to spend time with my parents. When I arrive, a large proportion of the main living space in their house will be taken up by a huge Christmas tree, under which will be stacked all the presents we’ve bought for each other. Following our traditional Christmas dinner, we’ll start the excited process of unwrapping everything!
Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!
The origin of the Christmas tree is an interesting one. It is thought to relate back to the medieval mystery plays, …

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