22 Apr 2021 | By Uwe König

Could materials analysis bring mining to Mars?

Did you know that just one 500-meter metal-rich asteroid could contain the equivalent of all the platinum-group metals mined on Earth so far? The potential for mining on Mars and other celestial bodies is huge. And this potential is reflected...READ MORE >

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21 Apr 2021 | By Ulf Nobbmann

Rush orders for a system?

Rush orders – there are times when we need something quickly, with fast delivery. And this can also happen with rush orders for laboratory equipment, like a Zetasizer, an OMNISEC, or any of our systems. If you are in a...READ MORE >

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20 Apr 2021 | By Kyle Williams

What can compositional analysis do for me?

A few days ago, my colleague Dr. John Stenson previewed the upcoming launch of the OMNISEC software’s newest feature: compositional analysis!  Amidst your excitement at the great content headed your way, you might be wondering, “what can compositional analysis do...READ MORE >

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19 Apr 2021 | By Robert van der Meer

Smart Manager – Have you ever had the feeling you’re on the verge of something big?

Because that’s the feeling I got as we moved closer to launching our Smart Manager solution on the Zetium. To me it felt like the first small step on what I hope is going to be a very long and...READ MORE >

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16 Apr 2021 | By Robert Taylor

Ask an Expert: Automated image analysis

The traditional approach for particle characterization is to use manual microscopy, but this technique is both labor-intensive and operator-dependent. Automated imaging is a more efficient alternative, a much faster way of gathering more statistically relevant data. Over the last decade,...READ MORE >

15 Apr 2021 | By Ronald Soriano

mRNA Vaccines: A New Era In Vaccinology

Malvern Panalytical is committed to providing support for all vaccine development platforms. Malvern Panalytical and Leukocare recently announced their collaboration on formulation development for Covid-19 vaccine stabilization. This is a testament to Malvern Panalytical’s combined profound knowhow and analytical expertise....READ MORE >

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14 Apr 2021 | By John Stenson

OMNISEC is getting an upgrade!

I always find it incredibly exciting to talk about new features and functionality that we have created for our systems… and this time is no different! I understand that systems need to be continually improved and expanded to meet our...READ MORE >

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13 Apr 2021 | By Paul Kippax

How to build the pharmaceutical dream team

It’s been a remarkable 12 months for Malvern Panalytical. I imagine I’m not the only person thinking along similar lines at the moment!  Many of us are slowly emerging from the pandemic as if we’d finally come out of a...READ MORE >

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9 Apr 2021 | By Natalia Markova

Biophysical characterization on the front line

The pandemic has shone a spotlight on the need for biophysical characterization of key quality metrics related to the stability and interactions of biomolecules and complex molecular assemblies. Despite the challenges of the last year, I’ve been proud to witnessed...READ MORE >