26 Nov 2020 | By Severine Michel

Malvern Panalytical Webinars

I can’t believe this is our last webinar promotion in 2020! Nevertheless, we kept some good topics for December like Particle Size in Acronyms or a review of milling challenges and how our solutions can support you during this process....READ MORE >


25 Nov 2020 | By Michel Zoontjes

A breath of fresh air

Raising standards and lowering barriers for air particle analysis “Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe…”, begins a classic pop song from the 1970s. Indeed, there are few things more essential to life than air: the average...READ MORE >

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24 Nov 2020 | By Robert Taylor

Back to the Future (of Electric Vehicles) – 1985

No, not the eponymous film production but a rather eccentric electric vehicle – the Sinclair C5. Ok, it was an unmitigated commercial disaster. But Sinclair was trying to make use of the considerable technical and environmental benefits of an electric...READ MORE >

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19 Nov 2020 | By Alex Malm

Starting the next chapter – moving from Zetasizer Nano to Zetasizer Advance

A new chapter This July we announced an extended family of new Zetasizer instruments. The Zetasizer Pro and Ultra now welcome the Zetasizer Lab. Each version is now also available with a choice of sensitivity. This means there is now...READ MORE >

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17 Nov 2020 | By Anne Virden

Gold star for the Mastersizer 3000!

I’m extremely proud to say that our Mastersizer 3000 has been awarded a GOLD Seal of Quality by Select Science. This reflects more than 100 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5! Smarter particle sizing The Mastersizer...READ MORE >

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13 Nov 2020 | By Mauricio Gonzalez

Como optimizar la preparación de muestras para XRF con un nuevo software de seguimiento

Es posible que el seguimiento de muestras no sea la parte más emocionante en sus etapas del proceso de análisis vía XRF, pero es una de las más importantes. Aquí explicamos cómo una nueva opción de software en el TheOx...READ MORE >

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12 Nov 2020 | By Ulf Nobbmann

Zetasizer Advance in bullet points

We launched the latest generation of the Zetasizer family, the Advance series. I received variations of two questions a few times: What is so good about the new version? Can you give me some bullet points? Well, glad you asked....READ MORE >

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11 Nov 2020 | By Tamal Mukherjee

Optimizing the performance of titanium dioxide and other pigments for your paints, pigments, plastics – Q&A

Characterization of TiO2 within the paint and pigment industry is a critical component of paint development. X-ray diffraction and DLS are important techniques as they identify the material and various features like particle size, shape, and size distribution. The physical...READ MORE >

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10 Nov 2020 | By John Duffy

Could additive manufacturing be the future for sustainability?

Using this breakthrough technique to build a better future Did you know that the waste generated from manufacturing a typical smartphone can be 200 times the phone’s weight? Smartphones contain highly complex combinations of valuable raw materials. Extracting and processing...READ MORE >

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