So, the first Malvern Instruments blog! I guess a good place to start would be with introductions. My name is Paul Kippax and I’m the product manager for laser diffraction particle sizing systems, for both off- and on-line use. I lead a fairly particle-centric existence but I also have a keen interest in other technology and social media, hence the opportunity to be first up on the Malvern blog.

And to introduce the company:

Malvern Instruments is all about materials characterization. Our most famous product remains, of course, the Mastersizer particle size analyzer, but we now have a wide range of great instruments that allow you to study materials in various fascinating and complementary ways. Fitting these technologies together to learn more, faster, is a lot of what we’re about.

Why blog?

I guess the next issue to address at this point is: why the blog? Well, firstly we hope we have something interesting to say. If you take a look at the website you’ll see that its now an exceptional resource. We’ve been publishing articles for a long time, and we were one of the first companies to engage in an active webinar programme. Blogging seems to us the next step. You’ll still get the same great content that we deliver via all our channels but we’ll be able to be more spontaneous and you’ll be able to be interactive.

Which leads neatly onto the second reason for blogging. We know you have something interesting to say. Every time we speak to customers we learn more: about an industry sector; about analytical problems that need a solution; and about what we could do better. We’re eager to listen.

What to expect

We plan to blog on a regular basis and we hope to become a routine fixture of your life!

You won’t just be listening to me, Malvern houses a great number of techniques and application specialists and as things progress increasing numbers of them will contribute. And we don’t work alone, we’ll also be bringing you news of collaborations with leading academics and industrialists that share your problems.

We hope you’ll join us!