Whether you live within walking distance of our head office in Worcestershire, England, or in a small mining town in the heart of China, we understand that you need to feel confident you are investing in the most appropriate analytical instrumentation to suit your needs. As Applications Services Manager at Malvern Instruments I perhaps hear more than most about the importance our customers place on ensuring their results will remain accurate and reliable far into the future, with as little effort or additional outlay as possible.

To help, Malvern Instruments has invested in multiple application laboratories in primary positions across the globe to deliver localised technical support. This means you can take advantage of our technical specialist knowledge in your own local language, to:

1.       validate your purchasing decisions using your own samples and methods before investing;

2.       develop and optimise methodologies that meet your particular needs once you have selected an instrument; and,

3.       enhance your technical skills and keep up to date with new approaches in future.

The role of Malvern’s application labs

Malvern’s application labs play an important role in ensuring that potential customers are making an appropriate choice when it comes to technique as well as instrument manufacturer or solution provider.

Customers and potential customers submit samples to our applications labs when they are looking to purchase a solution, and we ensure that we can obtain meaningful, repeatable and valid results on those sample types – in many ways we act as a customer advocate within the sales process and will always endeavour to produce the most accurate and relevant data on a customer’s behalf.

Applications labs also act as demonstration facilities, so you can see our systems operated by experts, and take the opportunity to discuss their application before committing to purchase.

Malvern’s technical specialists pride themselves on their scientific honesty and integrity and have a great deal of experience in method development and validation. So, if you ever find yourself working with your local applications laboratory expert, you can be confident that you will be going home with the solution  most appropriate to your specific needs.

Applications labs also serve as training centres and provide a customer support function, working together with our Helpdesk and other customer support services to ensure that any applications issues you may come across are handled quickly, in the most appropriate way.

Where in the world?

Malvern Instruments application laboratories can be found in:

  • Our divisional headquarters in the United Kingdom
  • The United States:
    • Houston, Texas
    • Columbia, Maryland
    • Westborough, Massachusetts (near Boston)
  • Japan: Tokyo and Kobe
  • China: Shanghai and Beijing
  • France: Lyon and Orsay
  • Germany: Herrenberg
  • India: Bangalore, Baroda and Delhi.
  • Mexico
  • Korea

A rewarding relationship

Malvern application laboratories range in size from large, purpose built facilities to smaller, more intimate solutions.

Whatever their size or logistical setup, every Malvern application lab shares the same aim; to make your decision to enter into partnership with Malvern comfortable, informed and successful in the long term.

If you need to locate your nearest Malvern applications lab go to  www.malvern.com for details.