Since the first Malvern webinar in April 2001, our live and subsequent on-demand presentations have been viewed more than 100,000 times. In an average working week, that equates to around five views every hour!

I’m Rosie Guise, Online Marketing Campaign Manager in the UK for Malvern Instruments and I am one part of the team responsible for Malvern’s online marketing. My colleague Marisa Fraser, Marketing Communications Manager for the Americas has been a driving force behind Malvern webinars since their inception, and we have seen the program evolve from literally no one being aware of it, to a key way to link our specialists with people located around the globe. Both Marisa and Linda Bratica from our US office, and me are likely to be familiar faces for anyone who has taken part in a Malvern webinar, putting in a huge amount of work arranging, moderating and steering these online events.

In this blog, I wanted to take the opportunity to both celebrate the tenth anniversary of the company’s webinar initiative and encourage webinar participants to interact and ask as many questions as they can.

Happy tenth anniversary!

So, without further ado, allow me to congratulate all those webinar authors, presenters and participants who have made this initiative such a success and a pleasure to be part of over the past ten years.

Thank you!

A webinar is only as good as its participants

However well written and presented, it is of course audience participation that turns a live webinar into a truly memorable event and learning experience. I don’t know about you, but I find that learning is greatly enhanced by group discussion, to the point where I am more likely to remember information that has been bandied about a bit.

As a moderator, I tend to judge the success of a webinar on how much they inspire participation! So, as a participant please feel free to ask questions, share your opinion and give feedback!

Likewise, if you have something to say about what I have written here, or any of our instruments, please feel free to use the comment facility at the bottom of this blog.

Ever wondered who the other four were?

With no less than ten years of experience behind it, Malvern’s webinar programme can claim real pedigree. Catering for global audiences, Malvern webinars are presented in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese and are scheduled to account for multiple time zones. As a result, we have enjoyed the company of participants from no less than 86 countries!

So, if there are at least five people participating online each hour of the working day, then the next time you log into a webinar, cast a thought at who the other four people might be: a Japanese CEO; a Korean researcher; a North American pharmacist; or a Mexican industrialist? Who knows…

Of course, next time, why not log into a live webinar and take the opportunity to interact! Perhaps you may find new and important contacts to network with and I would certainly enjoy meeting you – even if it is only virtually!