Laser diffraction is now such a ubiquitous particle sizing technique that I think its intricacies and power are sometimes simply taken for granted. I hope you’ll indulge me then when I point you towards a new publication in the August issue of American Laboratory written by two of my colleagues Carl Levoguer and Paul Kippax.

‘Laser diffraction: a firm foundation for particle characterization’ looks at the need to measure particle size, introduces laser diffraction and examines its evolution as a particle sizing technique. The authors also indulge in a bit of informed crystal ball gazing in the ‘Into the future’ section at the end!

Laser diffraction is such a reliable technology and reaches into a huge number of industry areas including pharmaceuticals, food manufacture, agrochemicals, engine design, fuel production and a whole host of others. Anywhere where particle size can affect the properties of a product, intermediate or raw material, so I hope you’ll find this article an interesting read.