I think, like most people, that I have a bit of a conservative streak when it comes to upgrading software on my PC. In general I just want my computer to work. If I change my software then I don’t want to have to spend days relearning how to use it or getting my desktop back the way I want it.

This train of thought leads me on to considering the new software release for the Morphologi G3, our fully automated image analysis system that delivers particle size and shape data for both wet and dry samples and also foreign particulates collected on filters. The new version 7.41 software really does increase the benefits for users, adding application functions such as user-defined light settings; automated dark field measurements and new filters for the bottom light – without you having to relearn anything! This means that there are more options to create settings that can be incorporated into standard operating procedures and also helpful prompts where filters need to be inserted.

Enhanced interface

Our software designers have introduced a ‘reanalyze’ function to allow both improved use of filters and classes, and the resaving of data into different work spaces. Other useful features include the ability to merge records and two clever selection tools (polygonal and circular) for tighter size and shape definition, providing more accurate analysis of particles on substrates.

Interesting applications?

We know that the Morphologi G3 is proving its value in many different applications and if you can share information about your experiences with us and with other users then I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment or email me Deborah.huck-jones@malvern.com