Continuing my series investigating the parallels between human evolution and product development, I want to discuss the phrase “survival of the fittest” and how Malvern ensures its technology stays ‘fit’ in the ever changing materials characterization market.

Clearing up misconceptions

First let me clear up what is, according to Michael Le Page in the New Scientist series on evolution myths and misconceptions, a common misunderstanding among those considering evolution; The term ‘survival of the fittest’ was not, in fact coined by Darwin but by the philosopher Herbert Spencer.

In addition to its origins, the term ‘Survival of the fittest’ is also widely misrepresented in popular literature. It does not, as many assume, simply refer to the physical prowess of a species. In fact, the classic business term ‘fit for purpose’ is far more precise. In nature, brain development is as important as brawn and the ability to adapt quickly following environmental change can make that critical difference between survival and extinction – just ask those dinosaurs!

Keeping ‘fit’ in materials characterization

So how do we keep our materials characterization technology ‘fit’ at Malvern?

Well, we take several leaves out of the book of evolution (as it were). We measure the ‘fitness’ of our technology against both competition and the demands of the wider market and work hard to maintain our status at the top. As the demands of the market evolve around us, we keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground. We adapt both hardware and software to answer to the changing needs of our customers and aim to make sure our systems will not only measure up but beat the competition.

Additionally, like those famous meerkats, we work together keeping an eager lookout for developments across our global community. We use all our available resources to extend our reach out across the relevant industries, listening carefully and attending to any changes in guidelines or policy that may require adaptation to maintain compliance.

Something’s evolving at Malvern

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