Well it’s been quite a day!

I arrived in the office early to prepare for the launch webcasts for the new Mastersizer 3000. So far, the system has been introduced to audiences in China, Japan, India, Russia, and across Europe and we’re about to go live to the Americas! With well over 1000 people registering from across the world, interest has been extremely high. Thank you for the wonderful response you’ve already had to the system, and for the many questions you have sent as part of the live webcasts. It has been both exciting and exhilarating to introduce our new (and in my eyes rather beautiful) Mastersizer to the world.

Going live…

Feedback from the events has been good. Attendees suggested that the description of the new system was ‘clear and precise’ and that everything was explained in a way that was both ‘easy to understand’ and ‘scientific and practically orientated’.  The live Q&A session (which, as the presenter, I can confirm really was live!) allowed some interesting, good questions to be asked in order to clarify the capabilities of the Mastersizer 3000 system. And the instrument has clearly impressed too, being described as ‘good looking’ as well as ‘world class technology’, with its ‘small footprint and extended size range’ being highlighted as being of particular benefit to users.

Just in case you missed the webcast today, you can find more information and downloadable brochures on the Mastersizer 3000 website. A recording of the launch event will soon be available as well, so you can experience the excitement of launch day!

Smarter, faster, smaller

This new Mastersizer 3000  is the embodiment of over 30 years laser diffraction development at Malvern. More importantly, at its core is the applications understanding and feedback you have provided to us from more than 10,000 Mastersizer installations in use around the world. We’ve aimed to deliver the exceptional measurement flexibility and performance you demand.

The fact that the system is a masterpiece of design and engineering is down to the hard work and dedication of a talented team of development sceintists shown below. I’d like publicly to thank them all for their commitment and for bringing their very considerable individual skills to the project. At the heart of this team has been the desire to ensure our customers get the maximum value out of the instruments we develop. I’ve therefore invited team members to introduce themselves on the blog over the next few days, to tell you a little more about their roles in the Mastersizer 3000 development story and the passion behind the work they do. I think you’ll find it fascinating!