As Malvern Instruments System Engineer responsible for the design of the new Aero S – the dry dispersion unit that helps the new Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle sizing system stand apart from others in its dry powder measurement range (100 nm to 3.5 mm), application flexibility, result robustness and simple beauty – I must hereby thank the entire development team for their invaluable support!

Our aim was to deliver style, grace and unbeatable performance in a system that required as little operational input as possible. To provide air pressure with a flow that is strong enough to break up sticky particles, yet with the necessary finesse to handle fragile and friable materials.

A super machine that could be driven by anyone!

Our result ensures your results

Every aspect of the Mastersizer 3000 Aero dry dispersion unit fulfills its purpose with flair.

The new feed mechanism is notable for both controllability and quietness! It delivers everything you’d want from a dry powder feeder. The new system is not only elegantly engineered but is modular, for flexibility, and very easy to clean and maintain. By coupling modularity with precise dispersion pressure control the system can be used for a vast range of applications and includes:

  • Standard dispersers for most sample types including fragile particles
  • Impaction systems available for robust material dispersion
  • Range of sample feed trays and hoppers enable measurement of different sample sizes

The unit’s modular design does not however detract from it functioning as a whole since it incorporates fully integrated vacuum sensing to ensure all connections between dispersion unit, cell and vacuum are together correctly, and in addition the connection between the dispersion unit and cell is short, neat and robust. 

Take a test drive

As I mentioned, we designed the system so it could be driven by anyone. If you fancy a test drive, get in touch!