Climbing into a Shanghai taxi (for another white knuckle ride!), clutching my hotel address carefully written down in Chinese characters, I mused yet again on how much easier my, now regular, trips to China would be if only I’d learned Mandarin at school instead of the traditional French, German, Spanish and Latin I studied in the UK. It’s certainly something I’ll be encouraging my children to explore.

I’m here in Shanghai, together with colleagues from Malvern Instruments China, to participate in a number of interviews (my contribution requiring an interpreter of course) with journalists from a variety of the Chinese trade media. The occasion is our first time exhibiting the new Mastersizer 3000 in China, at the 9th International Powder Bulk Conference and Exhibition

And you certainly can’t miss it! The Malvern booth is opposite the main entrance with a giant screen playing the recording of the Mastersizer 3000 launch webinar – and it’s attracting lots of attention. The instrument itself has pride of place of course, but this being a powder show, the booth wouldn’t be complete without the Insitec system on display, and the Zetasizer Nano is  with us here too .

The Mastersizer 3000 will make a second appearance in China at the Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis next month, so another opportunity to find out more.