Hello, my name is Severine Michel and I am the Marketing Executive for Process Systems. As you might have guessed from my name I’m French, but as I’ve now lived in Malvern for almost ten years England feels like home. The weather here can sometimes be a bit miserable and I wish I could speak English as easily and perfectly as my children but other than that I’ve got few complaints. Malvern is a really nice town to live in.

I handle all the marketing activities for the Process team at Malvern Instruments, the part of the company that concentrates on real-time measurement for on-plant application, so normally my job is office-based. One important aspect of my role though is to develop customer stories so just occasionally I’m lucky enough to go off on a sight visit. I’ve recently returned from Italy where the photograph above was taken.

Learning from others

I think that when we’re considering buying something it’s really reassuring to read about someone else, with the same problem who has found a solution that works. Some of our customers have done really great things with our technology and we’re very lucky that so many are prepared to share their achievements.

I’ve visited a number of customers over the years to develop articles and each time it’s been rewarding. People are so generous with their time, taking care to explain exactly what they have done, and how, and we’ve seen some truly smart applications of real-time particle size measurement, systems that exploit our technology in ingenious ways. I learn something new every visit.

During our last trip to Italy we made a couple of visits set up and graciously hosted by Maurizio Lugli from Alfatest, our Italian distributor. Both were so different, but equally interesting. I can’t say more than that at the moment  because we’re still working on the material (and we never release anything without consent) but watch out for some fantastic stories in the near future – coming to a website and/or publication near you!

And, if you’d like to share your on-line particle sizing triumphs with the world, to spread the message about why your product or manufacturing process is so great, then just let me know. I can help you do just that.