I had the pleasure of travelling to Washington DC earlier this week to the AAPS (Association of American Pharmaceutical Scientists) annual meeting to see for myself the excitement surrounding the launch of the new Mastersizer 3000. Being intimately involved with the marketing launch of the product my feet have hardly touched the ground for the last couple of months, so it was great to be able to talk with some of our current and prospective customers about what they think of the new Mastersizer product. The show was the first time we have shown the instrument in the US and as you can see below my colleagues Kevin Dahl (pictured) and Joe Wolfgang were kept busy with prospective cystomers putting the new instrument through its paces.

The new Aero S dry powder disperser was certainly a talking point, as we believe this will open up many more pharamceutical applications for dry dispersion, where speed of measurement and the abscence of solvents to dispose of is seen as distinct advantages.

I’ll be out with the UK team next week for a series of seminars so look forward to hearing and seeing more customer feedback to the new instrument. See you soon I hope!