Eric Bennett and Phil Rolfe at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History during the evening co-sponsored by Malvern on Monday evening.

Held in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 9 – 13, 2011, this year’s Society of Rheology Conference was another great success thanks to the organization of Jonathan Rothstein, Victor Breedveld, Patrick Mather and Andy Kraynik, with a crowd drawn from all over the world.

Plenary speakers included Eric Shaqfeh (also Bingham award winner this year) who spoke on the rheology of vesicle and capsule suspensions.  Other plenary lectures were from Juan J. de Pablo who educated us on directed assembly of complex fluids and its application to nanoscale fabrication, David Pine mused on reversibility, rheology, and nonequilibrium phase transitions in suspensions of spheres and rods, and Richard Graham expounded about the modelling of flow-induced nucleation in polymers.  Altogether the conference was a great success being attended by 525 people and 15 vendors.

An additional attraction to this annual event are the myriad of social activities of that the SOR hosts every year, and this year the evenings were no exception.