As we come to the end of another fascinating and truly illuminating Drug Delivery to the Lungs conference here in Edinburgh, I’m delighted to report that this year the snow has stayed on the hills, but it has been rather windy. I’m very much hoping it will calm down so I have  a trouble-free trip as I head south this afternoon.

Imaging in OINDP

Debbie Huck with poster

Anne Virden and I love coming to DDL as there are so many opportunities to talk to people who are doing really interesting work in inhaled product development. Many people took the time to come and chat around our poster ‘Improved understanding of the physical properties of DPI formulations by combining NGI size classification with Automated Image Analysis’. I was co-author on this with my Malvern colleagues Paul Kippax and Anne Virden, together with Hanne Kinnunen, Jag Shur and Rob Price from Bath University in the UK, and the work explores how automated imaging can be used alongside cascade impaction to support the development of inhaled products. See the photo to the left of me in front of the poster. There will be much more to say on this topic in the coming months, especially as we now can add chemical identification to automated imaging using Raman spectroscopy on the Morphologi G3-ID in order to extend the work. Meanwhile if you’d like more details just drop me a line

Hanne Kinnunen also talked more on the application of the Morphologi G3-ID in her podium presentation this morning which described her work on the effect of lactose fines on the de-agglomeration behaviour of dry powder inhaler formulations. It seems to have stirred up quite a  lot of interest.

So straightforward

And finally a thank you to everyone who dropped by at the Malvern stand to say hello and to take a closer look at the new Mastersizer 3000. Here is Anne showing Mervin Ramjeeawon (from Melbourne Scientific) the new Aero S dry powder disperser.

So in signing off I’d like to wish everyone a safe journey home from Edinburgh and send thanks and congratulations to the organisers of DDL22 for delivering another great event!