With thoughts turning to the perfect gift in many nations across the world it’s a stretch to suggest that many will have an on-line particle size analyzer at the top of their list!

What is interesting though, is that when I explain about real-time particle sizing and what manufacturers achieve when they use it,  a typical response is: ‘Why hasn’t everyone got one?’ This certainly suggests a product with wide appeal.

What’s stopping you?

The more successful implementations I uncover the more I struggle to understand what is preventing wider adoption of real-time process monitoring. What am I missing?

I’ve been wondering:

  • Are the messages about how process analysis is developing simply not reaching the sharp end of manufacture in an appealing way?
  • Is there mistrust as to whether process instruments can really work reliably on the plant?
  • Have people tried real-time measurement in the past, found it wanting and been put off?
  • Has a failure to capitalize on real-time data resulted in a poor return on investment?
  • Is the message promoted not “fit for purpose”?

I’d love to hear your opinions about process analysis, if you use it why, and if you don’t  – what’s putting you off trying?

I realise, of course, that in many industries across the world capital expenditure is incredibly tight but when I see high tonnage plants returning payback times as short as just a couple of months, I can’t help thinking that even in the short term today’s on-line particle size analyzers can pay their way.

So, on-line particle sizing – the gift that keeps on giving. Let me know what you think.