Hi, my name is Renate and I’m Marketing Manager Europe at Malvern Instruments GmbH. Based in our German headquarters in Herrenberg, I also take care of Malvern’s Facebook page.

This year I find myself wondering which is stronger; my passion for Christmas cookies or for our new Mastersizer 3000.

Christmas cookies are delicious…

Christmas starts for me end of November when I start to bake a lot of typical German Christmas cookies. I admit I can never wait to taste them. Besides, they are always at their best when warm out of the oven!

For nearly all German holiday cookies, and especially for the famous Lebkuchen or the delicious cinnamon stars I found myself making last weekend, you need icing sugar. In English, it is called ‘ icing sugar’ while in Germany just say ‘Puderzucker’ which literally translates as ‘powder sugar’.

…but laser diffraction is even sweeter!

When I see icing sugar in a shop, or icing sugar on the cookies, I am always reminded of our new laser diffraction system Mastersizer 3000.

You wonder why?

During an event I hosted, our product manager, Dr. Paul Kippax gave a very impressive demonstration of how we can measure icing sugar and easily distinguish it from crystalline using the Mastersizer. Because the method is non-destructive the beautiful crystals remain intact.