In these days of global economic worries, civil unrest and uncertainty in many healthcare sectors, scientists and other people associated with the life sciences industries do not often have to be reminded to remain positive.  They also do not often question why they’ve chosen their profession nor do they look solely for external incentives to keep them going.

Recently, a viral video hit the internet that perfectly illustrates why many of us do what we do.

In the video, 29-year-old Sarah Churman is shown reacting to the sound of her own voice.  What makes the video compelling, however, is the fact that Sarah was born deaf and it wasn’t until she tried a new hearing implant for the first time that she was even able to hear the sound of her own voice.  Her husband was along to film the event for their family members to see but it soon became an Internet hit.

Hearing herself for the first time

I venture to guess that anyone involved in science will view this video and emerge with a new sense of purpose and restored motivation knowing how modern breakthroughs in medical technologies are both saving and changing lives for the better every day.

This fact is what keeps many of us going.