So, for my first blog I thought I’d stick to my area of expertise and – for those of you who didn’t attend the live seminar – summarise this presentation. It included a full demonstration of the instrument in use.

Morphologi G3-ID for component specific particle sizing

Originally presented to global online audiences at the end of last year, my webinar began with an video introducing the G3-ID and covering morphologically directed Raman spectroscopy as delivered by Malvern.

This introduction includes sample preparation and dispersion using pre-defined methods. I then cover a step-by-step description of an example measurement.

Following this concise introduction I move on to share details of the G3-ID software. By seeing example output images, and how easy they are to investigate and compare, the benefits of this technique become clear.

They say an image is worth a thousands words and how true that is. In my demonstration I show you, in a few minutes, just how quick and easy it is to sort and analyse results by whichever parameters are of interest to you.

The cat’s whiskers

When giving this presentation I could hear the quiet ‘wow’s being uttered by my live audience. The noises emanating from my listeners reminded me of cats purring. If, like some of them, you are currently restricted to using manual microscopy for sample analysis, the ability to filter, sort and manipulate these results in an automated manner in both morphological and chemical terms is bound to look like the cat’s whiskers!

Want to know more?

So, have I whet your appetite? Perhaps this very short summary will entice you to take the opportunity to download the recorded demonstration which is freely available online at Malvern’s online Knowledge Base?