Imagine trying to do anything while experiencing changes in gravity every 25 seconds – from lunar (0.16g), to Martian (0.38g), to near-zero (weightlessness). Now imagine trying to do that non-stop, more than 90 times in a row. Feeling sick at just the thought? Well, that’s why the plane that carries out NASA’s parabolic flights earned the nickname; ‘vomit comet’.

Spraytec measures up

Recently, our very own Spraytec laser diffraction droplet size measurement system was shown to be robust enough to handle everything the infamous ‘vomit comet’ could put it through and still measure up! And luckily, the ability to set up the instrument to take automatic measurements before take-off, meant there was less pressure (pun intended!) on the accompanying research team to manage the experiment during the flight.

Water atomization is independent of gravity

By carrying out droplet size distribution experiments in near-zero gravity conditions, ADA Technologies and NASA researchers have shown that water atomization is independent of gravity. By doing so, they demonstrated that the Fine Water Mist portable fire extinguisher (PFE) currently under development for use on the International Space Station (ISS) will put out fires in space safely and cleanly. Read the full story.

NASA helps fly your science into suborbital space

ADA Technologies took advantage of NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program, which provides opportunities for space technologies to be demonstrated and validated in relevant environments. By flying payloads on commercial parabolic aircraft and reusable suborbital vehicles the program is designed to help mature space-bound technologies more rapidly.