An earlier blog included a rare picture of me in a hard hat, during a visit to a cement customer site in Italy. At the time I couldn’t give any more details about the visit because we were still working to develop the story.

Now, I can – because the news is out A good day for me because it makes me both proud and happy to see such a useful and interesting customer story published.

Improving cement manufacture

The original picture was taken at the Sacci S.p.A site in Tavernola which is on the shore of Lake Iseo. The views from the top of the cement plant are amazing as you can imagine from this new photo.

Sacci used a Mastersizer 2000 particle size analyzer for many years and were very happy with it. However they decided that on-line particle size measurement would make a real difference in helping them improve process efficiency, by allowing much more frequent process measurement, so an Insitec on-line system was installed.

For me it’s great to hear that the Insitec has now worked really reliably for several years with almost no maintenance. Today, the cement produced is far more consistent and, in addition, automating sampling, analysis and control has saved considerable amounts of operator time.

Solutions for cement

In fact we have many cement customers across the globe, because on-line particle sizing is so useful to this industry.

If you want to find out more then I have compiled a brochure specifically for cement manufacturers  or you can find other case studies on the web or, if you prefer, just contact us direct. And if you already use on-line particle sizing and want to share your experience then please do – we’d love to hear from you.