PITTCON 2012… it’s day 3 in Orlando and we are getting used to the reaction from both loyal customers and those new to Malvern’s Mastersizer range.

In reverse order, our top three comments so far are:

In 3rd spot: Great design, spot on with the specs, exactly what I’ve been waiting for!

At number 2: I really like what you have done with the interchangeability of the sampling accessories!

But top of the tree, and our clear number 1 is: “WOW! How did you make it so small?”

There is something truly satisfying when all the hard work pays off like this. And when the development team started with blank sheets of paper to re-define the company’s flagship Mastersizer product, I know that what we are experiencing here at Pittcon 2012 is exactly what they were hoping for.

As we tell people about the widest measurement range on the market, the major advances in dry powder dispersion and the truly intelligent software that guides even the most novice users to making great measurements, we’re seeing smiles become grins.

We are having a great week!