I am Renate Hessemann in my role as European Marketing Manager I am responsible for the Analytica Exhibition in Munich, where we welcome visitors from today to Friday. In my years with Malvern I organized a lot of exhibitions and the biennial Analytica is one of my favourites.
Why? Munich in spring time, start of beer garden season gives a special atmosphere, and in addition the layout of the Munich exhibition centre: The “atrium” in the middle between the halls allows a small beer garden to be set up during the exhibition..
So if the weather is good visitors are in good spirit.
As an exhibitor you are always in a dilemma, good weather means the people enjoy the scenery, whereas rain keeps them in the halls, so why come and visit our stand?
This year we are using the theme: “Dispersion stability/ dispersion optimisation” and emphazise that Malvern has both technologies and expertise to answer questions around these topics.
Huge interest in recent Malvern seminars with that topic and our white paper with the title: “10 ways to…
Control rheology by changing particle properties (Size, Zeta potential and Shape)”
encouraged us to do so.

Just 2 hours after the start of the show it looks promising, not just for the topic above but as well for separations (GPC) and the Zetasizer range.

Funnily enough we had 2 visitors this morning who had printed our invite and wanted to make sure to get a cappuccino as well as a glimpse of our instrument, since the invite read: “Enjoy the perfect dispersion.”

Let’s hope next 3 days we can offer this enjoyable dispersion to many visitors and make sure they understand how we can help them to understand the links between particle characterization and rheology, and how to measure these parameters with Malvern equipment adding value to their business.