Touch anything metal that has been in the sun, and you had a lasting red burn mark

Ice cream served at the break without any spoons? Just take it outside and you could drink it within 10 minutes.

Temperatures are 104-107F, or 40C to those from outside the US. Serious heat. What it feels like when you take a peek inside the oven while cooking, and that painful blast of hot air blows across your face.

So the positive side of this is folks didn’t wander to the pool or nature trails during breaks, but visited the exhibition hall, and had a chance to see the new Mastersizer 3000, as well as many other interesting technologies related to inhalation drugs. Julie Chen and myself explained the new particle size analyzer to visitors from Portugal, Ukraine, Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Italy, Taiwan, and even the FDA. Many people commented on the small size, and the clever approach to having two dry powder dispersing lines. One interesting new technology on display in the hall included 2 systems to evaluate the electrical charge on inhaled dry powder, which might effect how it deposits in the lung.

This was my 7th RDD, and probably the best attended and busiest one yet.