With the recent opening of our new facility in Houston, the total effort going into our separations products is continuing to grow.  The large applications laboratory and training facilities are great for new and existing customers to see and the first customer training course that took place a couple of weeks ago was very well received.  At the same time, the manufacturing and development facilities have been greatly increased to support the growing demand for the Viscotek GPC/SEC products now and in the years to come.

As part of the growth of our separations product line, I have relocated to the new Houston facility to continue my role as Product Manager for the Viscotek products.  With responsibilities including being involved in our latest developments and helping to resolve quality issues on the unfortunate occasions where they arise, I will be responsible for ensuring that the Viscotek products meet the highest standards of functionality and reliability.  At the same time, I’ll be working with the applications team on developing new applications, particularly in my own field of biochemistry and protein analysis, but also where possible in the polymer and polysaccharide applications, although the team’s knowledge is greater than mine in this respect.

Moving to the new facility presents new challenges in all of these areas but also presents a great new opportunity to support and build on the growing value of the Viscotek product line to the Malvern business overall.