Following the successful launch in 2011 of our office in Montreal directly serving our Canadian customers we are pleased to announce the first set of one day seminars taking place in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal from end of May till end of June 2012. During these seminars all the different Malvern technologies and solutions will be presented including a live demonstration of our new by laser diffraction particle size analyser the Mastersizer 3000.

It will be also a nice opportunity for all our Canadian customers to meet with the new Malvern Canada team: Mark Kitching, Jonathan Burns, Dough MacGinn, Ajay Pal Singh and myself. We will be all there to provide you application and technical support on your current Malvern system but also provide some advice on new technologies that could help you to better understand behaviour and characteristics of your product.

Looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you for the first time at one of the events. Information on registering for these FREE seminars can be found here.

Edmonton, AB Canada – May 29, 2012

Calgary, AB Canada – May 31, 2012

Montreal, QC, Canada – June 12-13, 2012 (in French language)

Toronto, ON Canada – June 19-20, 2012