On the 12th June 2012 Malvern held its first Dispersion Rheology Seminar in Denmark. The 25 attendees heard talks on Rheology Basic Principles and Dispersion stability. The influence of particle size and shape and Zeta potential was also discussed.

A highlight for many of the attendees was practical sessions in the afternoon, where we demonstrated the Kinexus, Mastersizer 3000 and Zetasizer instruments. This was a chance to see the instruments in action measuring customer samples. The feedback from the delegates was very positive and the team is looking forward to running the second event in the tour on 6th September 2012 in Sweden.

For people who do not have time to attend a seminar but are interested to understand how particle characteristics and rheological properties are interlinked, there is an interesting White Paper available:

10 ways to…Control rheology by changing particle properties (Size, Zeta potential and Shape)

This “Ten Ways” guides you through some of the fundamental properties of the dispersed system, and demonstrates how these affect the rheological properties. Whereas it in interesting to understand the bulk material properties, such as rheology, which are associated with the changes in the particle size, shape and zeta potential, these examples will also demonstrate that this understanding allows the rheology of the material to be controlled.

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