Hello again my name is Anne Virden and I am a technical specialist for diffraction at Malvern. My regular part in Malvern’s webinar program is to present the laser diffraction Masterclass series. The Masterclass is split up into several webinars so that you can choose whichever part of laser diffraction you want to know more about. You can either listen live which gives you the opportunity to ask a question in the Q&A session at the end of each webinar, or you can listen to the recorded version whenever you like.

The first Masterclass introduces the basic principles of laser diffraction, particle sizing and how the instrument works, as well as showing a few examples of how you can best use your laser diffraction data. The next couple of webinars look at developing methods for laser diffraction measurements.

These webinars cover sampling, dispersion state and measurement conditions for both wet and dry laser diffraction measurements.

The fourth webinar covers the optical models used in diffraction instruments, how to determine the required optical properties and verify that they’re appropriate

The next webinar in the series, which will be on September the 4th, looks at troubleshooting and what to do when it looks like things have gone wrong. Sometimes, even with the best of methods you can get odd results so this webinar will cover some of the more common errors that can occur in diffraction measurements and how to review data and recognize when you have a problem. So if you have a question about your diffraction measurements that you’d like me to cover then follow the link below to register and submit a question.

Laser Diffraction Masterclass 5 : Troubleshooting – what to do when it looks like things have gone wrong!