I have been involved with the Morphologi G3 products since my return from maternity leave in November 2010.  It has been an interesting return to particle size analysis for me.  In a previous life I was responsible for a pair of PharmaVision 830 instruments, which brought both joy and pain in equal measures.  In comparison, using the Morphologi G3 has tipped that balance well in favor of joy as it has evolved tremendously from its distance ancestor.

The Morphologi G3 has been evolving more recently with the incorporation of a Raman accessory to make a Morphologi G3-ID version of the instrument.  This involves a Kaiser RamanRxn1TM bench fiber-optically connected to the Morphologi G3.  This allows automated image analysis to be performed on a sample dispersion using the Morphologi G3 capabilities.  The system can then use the particle location information, return to particles of interest and acquire chemical information via Raman spectroscopy.  We call these morphologically directed chemical measurements.

The chemical information can be used to identify particles present in dispersion.  The particle size or shape distributions of specific components in mixtures can be evaluated based on this e.g. the active component in a nasal spray.  It can aid in situations with contaminant particles in a sample.  The chemical information is also useful when the size and shape information is insufficient for discrimination of different components present in a mixture i.e. particles present all look very similar in morphological terms.

Now, as we enter the last stages of the launch count-down, I shall be leaving Malvern Instruments for the second time on maternity leave.  My last day is in the week before the launch date, so I will miss the big event!  However, the show must go on without me so remember to mark the 2nd October in your diaries for the official Morphologi G3-ID launch webinar from Malvern Instruments.

Please register for the live launch webinar on 2nd October here

There will also be an introduction to Chris Jones, the newest Product Technical Specialist for Imaging, in a future blog.