Hello, my name is Bassem Sabagh, I am a Product Technical Specialist at Malvern Instruments specializing in the Viscotek GPC product for the characterization of natural and synthetic polymers and macromolecules.

I have a wonderfully variable job!.. parts of it take me around the world to train and educate users on the use and understanding of the Viscotek products but also I get to attend some interesting conferences and meetings; my most recent one was RAPs (Recent Appointees in Polymer Science).

I must admit I probably no longer qualify to be called a ‘recent appointee’ considering the first one I attended as a real ‘recent appointee’ was in 2008! .. Nevertheless I attended this 2012 meeting in support for my colleague Dr John Stenson. He presented some work we have done one the characterization of some really interesting bio-degradable polylactides. The talk was found to be very interesting and triggered some nice questions about the work.

More about me

I have been working with Malvern Instruments since the beginning of 2008 and my role really focuses on supporting the Viscotek GPC product for synthetic and natural polymer applications and users.

I consider myself to be fun, smiling and hardworking chap with a great passion for food! What I bring to lunch almost always is envied by my friends at work J which leaves my time outside work experimenting with different foods – after all it’s just like chemistry; add strange things together and try! Though when not cooking, I find my relaxation and fitness fix in music and dance. Though the two are not of the same genre making up a very strange mix of Symphonic Rock and Latin! .. but nothing beats some RnB in the kitchen … call me random!

Talk to you soon!