I first became aware of Movember in 2011 when I noticed that several of my colleagues at Malvern’s headquarter in the UK were growing moustaches. I asked them what the deal was and they said that it was to raise awareness of men’s health issue, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. This struck a cord with me as my father had just been with diagnosed with non-specific bowel cancer. This cancer may have been caused by remnants of the tumors that were present in his prostate which had been removed in 2007. I decided there and then that during November 2012 I too would grow a “Mo” to help raise awareness. Unfortunately Movember became even more poignant this year because my father lost his battle with cancer and passed away on July 20th.

As I had already signed up for 2012, I created a team on the Movember website, called Movern Instruments, and sent out a company wide email asking for other employees to join. In total we have 30 members, all cultivating and preening their mustaches, raising awareness and money for prostate and testicular cancer research. We even have a team logo based on the Malvern brand.

The members, MoBros, and supporters, MoSistas, have had huge encouragement from the company and colleagues, as well as from their family and friends. As part of the fun, 3 members have agreed to hold a competition to see who raise the most funds and the winner will have his Mo dyed an amusing colour. We’re also hoping to arrange a trophy for the most impressive Mo and to make this an annual award.