Last week I attended my first conference as a Malvern employee. I have been to many conferences before, of course, but all of them based on physics. This conference is the annual drug delivery to the lung conference DDL. This is something I really love about my job. My background is very much physics but I get to interact with chemists, biologists, medical researchers, mineralogists you name it.

I’ve actually been to Edinburgh twice before this visit, on both those occasions I was running the Chris Hoy Half Marathon. Edinburgh is a great old city, but I’ve never much enjoyed running around it, on both occasions it was cold, wet and one of the harder half marathons I’ve done.

This time I was able to enjoy my visit. This time was no less cold but I did stay dry and this time I was presenting a poster about the Morphologi G3-ID. You may already know that the Morphologi G3-ID combines automated particle image analysis and Raman spectroscopy to provide a powerful analytical tool. The feedback from people was great, it was really good to discuss how we can help in peoples research, product development and quality control.

It is really fascinating attending a conference like this and having your eyes opened to another world of science that as a physicist you would not otherwise come across. It is also great to meet all the people that work in all these related fields and make friends that I hope to see again at other eye opening conferences in the future.

Finally, I will never forget see the Red Hot Chilli Pipers perform live and they were really quite brilliant!