Keen followers of Malvern news will remember the announcement of an ongoing partnership between Malvern Instruments and International Innovation Technologies,  IIT Ltd. Well now we’re ready to take our relationship to the next level and announce a joint webinar! Entitled IIT and Malvern Instruments: partners in the innovation of compact energy efficient milling and classification solutions the webinar will focus on the role of real-time particle sizing solutions in milling and classification applications.

A match made in heaven 

IIT specialises in the design and manufacture of powder milling and classification technology. Our two companies have a longstanding relationship, with IIT having used the Mastersizer 2000 for off-line analysis for few years now. The decision to form a more structured partnership was taken just over a year ago when IIT began to explore the potential of on-line analysis. Since then we’ve worked closely together on ways in which the Insitec system might improve the functioning of IIT’s Demonstration Plant and help to reduce overall Specific Energy consumption.

At its site, IIT has constructed an impressive  production scale demonstration plant with a Malvern Insitec laser diffraction particle size analyzer integrated for real-time monitoring. The facility allows IIT to demonstrate the application of its m-series mills and c-series classifiers on a wide range of materials and how automated control and on-line process monitoring can deliver improved milling performance. The joint webinar will showcase the IIT facility and the presenters will discuss the usefulness of real-time particle size data in day-to-day operation.

Automating the future

Off-line analysis is like taking a photograph. It gives an accurate but fixed image of a specific moment in time. On-line measurement, in contrast, is like having a video of the production process that allows the operator to see exactly what’s happening at any given moment.

Most milling and classification operations take place in batches or campaigns with alterations being made to the process to meet the particle size specification for each batch. Traditionally at IIT, for each new batch of material to be tested, mill and classifier conditions are established that produce the desired particle size distribution and the process parameters, such as mill speed, classifier speed and air flow are set. Samples are then manually removed from the product outlet once or twice an hour. Today this manually intensive, and somewhat inefficient method is increasingly being replaced with control based on continuous real time particle size analysis with off-line laser diffraction retained to verify product quality.

IIT and Malvern are at the fore front of this field and the webinar gives us the chance to share our experience and understanding with the process technology and scientific community.

Book your seats now!

The webinar is on the 27 February 2013 and promises to be a fascinating look into the latest advances in milling technology. You can sign up for it now.


See you there!