Hello, my name is Chuck Rohn and I’m based in US where I’m application consultant, I would like to invite you to join the webinar will present tomorrow.

The cross-over modulus is a single point on a material’s viscoelastic spectrum. If we put too much importance of the one material property, we lose sight of all the information surrounding it. It is kind of like focusing in only one tree in the forest and not seeing the beauty of its surroundings.

The value of thinking outside the box is to expand our being and knowledge.

If you are involved in rheology in any way, I believe there is something new for you to learn by attending this seminar. As I researched this topic, I also learned some new things that I will share will you.

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Here is the abstract “Frequency sweep on a rheometer records the viscoelastic spectrum of a material – effectively a ‘fingerprint’ of behavior over different timescales. The frequency where the storage (elastic) G’ and loss (viscous) G” moduli are equal (or cross-over) defines the beginning of the rubbery plateau region. From a structural perspective, the plateau region is most important in studies of molecular interactions. Analyses of data in this region have been used in the determination of molecular weight and polydispersity for certain polymers, and for assessing a ‘characteristic’ relaxation time.”