Since 2009, Sysmex Netherlands and Sysmex Belgium have been part of the international Sysmex organisation, with headquarters in Japan.

Under the former Goffin Meyvis name, the Benelux organisation has had a long history as supplier of hightech analytical systems for the laboratory including particle size analyzers, rheometers and SEC chromatography.

While the Sysmex product line is focused mainly on haematology and urinalysis, several other reputable manufacturers are represented exclusively by them in the Benelux area.

Their markets include medical laboratories, universities, governmental and industrial research labs, industrial in-line and off-line process analysis and environmental control.

With 100 people, they offer their customers dedication and experience. A part of the Materials & Life Sciences department is dedicated to Malvern products. If you have any inquiry, please dial +31 (0) 76-5086053.

Your main contact will be Kees Braun the managing director of the Materials & Life Sciences department and Nicole Bos who is responsible for Netherlands and Katrien Caigny who’s responsible for Belgium/Luxembourg and a part of Netherlands.

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