The laser diffraction masterclass continues this month with Masterclass 2: Wet Method Development.

The Masterclass is a series of webinars covering subjects from basic principles to choosing optical properties and specification setting. Each topic is covered in a separate webinar so you can attend the ones that are most relevant to you. If you join the webinars live then there is a Q&A session at the end. If you can’t make it live then the webinars are recorded so that you can catch up whenever is convenient.

The second in the Masterclass series is on the 21st of March and the topic is method development for measurements in wet dispersion. This will cover the dispersion process, sampling and setting appropriate measurement conditions. We will also discuss how important each of these factors are for materials with different particle sizes.

And if you’ve missed Masterclass 1, you can find it in the recorded webinars section of our website.

If you join us for the rest of the masterclass we will also cover: Dry method development, Optical property selection, Specification setting and Troubleshooting.