At Malvern Panalytical we take very seriously our responsibility to the local communities in which we operate, wherever we are in the world. In the UK this is something especially close to our hearts as not only is our company named after the town in which it was founded, it is where we have our global headquarters today. This means we have been part of the community in the town of Malvern, and the wider area of Worcestershire, for more than four decades.

Malvern Panalytical as a company, and the individuals within it, have long participated in a wide variety of local business and voluntary activities, as well as myriad fundraising events. Now though, we have been fortunate in making contact with Community First, an organisation in the voluntary sector whose values align closely with our own, and with whom I am pleased to announce a new strategic partnership that will help us to work even more effectively in this area.

Community First is a local charity operating across Herefordshire and Worcestershire that exists to help frontline voluntary organisations, social enterprises and communities to achieve their aims and ambitions by providing, for example, specialist advice, information, business coaching and training. It exists to help create sustainable communities and thriving local organisations, including social enterprises and co-operatives, wherever it can at no cost to the sector. While we will be giving some financial support to Community First, perhaps more important is our ability to provide practical advice, material assistance and expertise over an initial five-year period. More than that, we will actively promote, encourage and enable Malvern employees to provide their individual support to Community First and the organisations and communities it works with.

As voluntary and community organisations increasingly find themselves in competition for people’s time and money, I am optimistic that this initiative will be a sustainable and rewarding enterprise for all concerned.


Paul Walker, Managing Director, Malvern Instruments Ltd and Richard Quallington, Chief Executive, Community First