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Since more than 30 years Alfatest Scientific Instrumentation exclusively distributes Malvern Instruments in Italy along with various other scientific instrumentation companies, each a leader in its field, and all dedicated to the characterization of materials and biomolecules.

Alfatest offers all Malvern products for the determination of particle size and shape, nanoparticle size, rheology and molecular weight.

In fact, since the beginning of 2013, the exclusive distribution of GPC/SEC (Gel Permeation Chromatography / Size Exclusion Chromatography) Viscotek systems has been transferred from LabService to Alfatest.

Alfatest operates throughout the whole country (including islands) and has 2 locations in Rome and Sesto San Giovanni (MI). Both our offices for North and Central-South are equipped with laboratories / showroom that allow us to support both customers and users technically and commercially anywhere in Italy. Do not hesitate to contact Alfatest to arrange demonstrations on your own samples.

Alfatest laboratories Rome and Milan

The specificity of Alfatest sales team is that all are highly qualified specialists in one or two techniques at best, allowing them to make demonstrations and give post-sales application support to our customers. This support becomes crucial when you decide to invest in innovative techniques never used still in the company or department. Demonstrations with experts, support for data interpretation or everyday use of the instrument will guarantee your investment.

ALFATEST Valentino Polchi

Valentino Polchi valentino.polchi@alfatest.it
General Manager

ALFATEST Franco Polchi

Franco Polchi franco.polchi@alfatest.it
Chief executive

ALFATEST specialists

(From left to right)

Marco Congia marco.congia@alfatest.it
Sales Specialist for Particle size and shape – Dispersion stability

Maurizio Lugli maurizio.lugli@alfatest.it
Sales Specialist for Rheology – Process Particle size

Alice Brun alice.brun@alfatest.it
Sales Specialist for Nanotechnology – Life Science

Fabio De Simone fabio.desimone@alfatest.it
Sales Specialist for Surface area, Porosimetry, Electronic microscopy

Roberto Santoliquido roberto.santoliquido@alfatest.it
Sales Specialist for Separation GPC/SEC/FFF – Nanotechnology

To minimize the service response times, Alfatest has 5 technicians distributed between the North and the South offices. We propose various types of service contracts and certifications, do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

ALFATEST service

North Italy Service

Center-South Italy Service

In addition to the structure formed by application specialists and technicians, Alfatest relies on a network of regional agents that our customers can contact for any inquiries if necessary.

For any other enquiry, including administrative orders, shipments, consumables, please feel free to directly contact our administration colleagues: sabrina.angelico@alfatest.itlavinia.paniccia@alfatest.it

Alfatest Administration