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Characterization of the Size and Molecular Weight and Oligomeric State of Proteins using the Malvern Zetasizer Systems in batch and flow modes
The Malvern Zetasizer series of instruments are well established for characterization of the size, molecular weight and oligomeric state of proteins in solution. This presentation discusses the capabilities and performance of the Malvern Zetasizer Nano and ┬ÁV systems for these measurements. These systems also have the ability to measure those properties in both batch (stationary samples) and flow mode (chromatography).  Particular focus will be drawn to the information attainable using both methods, including the sensitivity and resolution enhancements obtainable using Size Exclusion Chromatography.  Typical applications of the methodologies discussed include protein aggregate detection, protein therapeutic and injectable development, characterization and QC.

Real-Time Drinking Water Production Studies
Drinking water in the US and developed nations of the world is treated to remove contamination. Zeta potential measurements can both evaluate the effectiveness of the chemicals used to clarify the water supply and optimize the amount of coagulant needed in the clarification process. 

The Added Value of Online Measurements 
What are the benefits of measuring online? This webinar explores different reasons to go online and detail the advantages they might bring to you. Improving product quality, waste reduction and improved process understanding, are just a few examples of the benefits of real-time analysis.

The Validity of the Cox-Merz Rule
The Cox-Merz Rule, as originally stated: Steady shear viscosity is equal to oscillatory complex viscosity at comparable shear rates 1/s and frequencies in radians/s.  This rule has no theoretical basis. Some experimental data found in the literature validates this rule, and in other cases this rule does not apply. 

Laser diffraction Masterclass 2: Wet method development
This webinar covers wet dispersion for laser diffraction measurement and how develop methods to ensure that you get reproducible size measurements.

From the application laboratory – What size characterization technique should I use for my product?
You decided to measure the particle size of your product! However, there are so many techniques out there, which one are you going to use? This presentation attempts to demystify some of the thought processes involved in selecting the most appropriate size characterization techniques for your materials. Sample physical form, size range and reason for investigation will all be taken into consideration.

Rheology Education Series webinars : Basic Introduction to Rheology and its applications in various fields
The Rheology Education series covers the basic concepts of rheology its definitions, terminology used therein such as viscosity, yield stress, creep, oscillation etc. Also how rheology is a problem solving tool in various fields.

Introduction to Tetra Detector Gel Permeation Chromatography
This webinar covers the introduction to GPC/SEC (Gel permeation chromatography/Size Exclusion Chromatography) including these separation techniques such as:

  • Polymer Molecular Weight ( Mn, Mw, Mz)
  • Calibration Techniques:  ( Conventional,Universal Calibration. What is  “narrow”  and “broad” standard?)
  • Detection: ( What are the uses of viscosity,  light scattering  and PDA detector ?)
  • Column Selection: ( Which columns should use and why? What flow rate should keep in GPC columns?)
  • Polymer Standard ( Standards according to calibration techniques)
  • Mobile Phases ( How to prepare mobile phase?)
  • Sample Preparation: (How to prepare samples?)
  • Sample Injection ( What concentration and injection volume should use?)

Zeta Nano Education series webinars : Basic Introduction to Dynamic Light Scattering
The Zeta-Nano Education series covers the basic concepts of Dymanic Light Scattering and how this is used in particle sizing.

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