In 18 years with Malvern I organized close to 40 exhibitions. Some of you might think, I should now be quite relaxed about it. But this is still not the case. I am passionate about creating exhibitions that work, that engage visitors to talk to us and they convey the Malvern “spirit”.

Preparation is always a challenge: a lot comes at short notice and I am sure something has to change last minute and things come up you can’t control.

For this year’s Powtech it was the Lufthansa strike. People helping us with stand duty had to change the travel plans but finally most of them arrived. So we managed to set up our systems in time.

We decided to have even two Mastersizer 3000 on display, to prevent the queues we had to see this exciting laser diffraction system during last Powtech when it was just launched.

The Morphologi G3 and G3-ID will attract people because we know – seeing is believing and on the screen we display the real particles as they are in focus under the lens. So visitors are usually curious what it is about.

Since in parallel to the Powtech exhibition the Partec congress takes place with a lot visitors from academia around the world, we decided to have the new Zetasizer Nano ZSP on display, the premium system in the Zetasizer range for the measurement of size, electrophoretic mobility of proteins, zeta potential of nanoparticles and surfaces, and optionally the microrheology of protein and polymer solutions.

For visitors from industry production we organized another highlight:

We can show via a live web connection how the Insitec online particle sizing system monitors and controls a mill directly at our partner SDTech in France. Visitors can see real data. Register here to discover “on line” particle size analysis without moving out of your plan or visiting Powtech.

We are very curious how this is taken up. There is nothing better to show as real life experience! Not any demo system can convey the same benefit. Everything is set up now.

All on display represents a good mix for visitors with from academia to process industry.

Finally, when doors open first day at 9 a.m. preparation stress is gone.

We are all excited and look forward to the show, to a lot of visitors and interesting conversations.