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Iesmat – Instrumentación Específica de Materiales, SA. – Started in 2005 on the solid foundation of a small group of professionals with extensive experience, side by side with Malvern Instruments.

Iesmat offers solutions and proposals for the scientific and industrial community, to facilitate access to information and equipment suitable for measurement and control in the world of the characterization of fluids and particulated material.

Our offer goes beyond analytical solution:

Viability tests: each type of sample and measurement is different. The instrumentation and measurement method can only be secured with appropriate tests and trials, which demonstrate the limitations and benefits of the instrument.

Demonstrations: we have equipment for demonstrations that enable perfect comprehension of the capabilities and scope of products and services offered by Iesmat. We think like our customers and therefore do not hesitate to make whatever efforts are needed to raise awareness of our products and services effectively.

Consulting: the industrial process requires excluding any doubt about the final outcome of an investment. Iesmat responds to this need by offering consulting services, 3-5 days, where our engineers will install and validate the measurement system (laboratory or production line) to accurately determine all the parameters and expectations of an automated installation of high value added.

Technical Service: paramount in Iesmat always growing and improving, includes offer of preventive maintenance services (key to extracting real value from the instruments), validation, calibration, etc. and whatever requirements are requested by our customers. Iesmat is aware of the importance of customer service as the key to customer satisfaction that is itself the cornerstone of our policy of action.

Training: Key in the end result is the training of users of the instruments. Iesmat offers regular training courses for users through our Technical Service.