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The Tromp curve in the MMM (mining, minerals and metals) industries
This webinar talks about the Tromp curve which is the calculation of the heat balance of a cement ball mill knowing the ventilation and the temperature and its use in describing classifier efficiency.

From the applications lab: Using GPC/SEC to analyze polythiopene
Polythiophene is an important synthetic polymer that is continually gaining in popularity due to its electronic properties. However, these desirable electronic properties have the unfortunate side-effect of making polythiophenes difficult to characterize.

Zeta potential and new protein studies
Zeta potential measurements of proteins have been problematic over the years. New methods have been developed to protect protein samples from the electric field and thereby improve measurement results.

Making elasticity measurements with rotational rheometers
When using rotational rheometers the elasticity of materials in principle can be measured by making normal stress difference, oscillatory, creep recovery, and stress relaxation measurements. This webinar discusses the various testing choices and their shortcomings, and make recommendations on which elasticity test is best suited for different materials.

Laser diffraction Masterclass 3:  Dry method development
Dry dispersion offers advantages in terms of the speed of measurement and the volume of material that can be measured. Our popular masterclass explores method development for dry powder dispersion.

New analytical developments in protein size exclusion chromatography
Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is a well-established technique for the characterization of size, molecular weight and oligomeric state of proteins and macromolecules. This presentation discusses the range of methodology currently available, and draws particular focus to the requirements and limitations of detectors and detector calibration for measuring the size, molecular weight and structure of a protein.

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