My name is Emma Platt, HR Officer at Malvern Instruments and my primary duties include recruitment along with compensation and benefits.


As an organisation we recognize that due to our continued growth that we want to invest in the local schools within our community to ensure that pupils are inspired through our motivated workforce. In light of this, over the last few months we have begun developing links with two local schools; The Chase and Malvern St James.

Most recently we have supported a STEM after school club within Malvern St James where several employees from Malvern Instruments have volunteered to attend the club to provide support and guidance on the competition of making a glider that could safely transport a quail egg the furthest using limited resources. Following three weeks of developing their gliders, the final was held on Tuesday 19 March where our Engineering Director, Rowena Innocent attended and presented a design prize and prizes to the two teams who had successfully transported their quail egg the furthest (one prize for key stage 3 and a combined prize for key stage 4 and 5).


The aim of supporting such initiatives is to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in Science and Engineering. The prize for the key stage 4 and key stage 5 winning team was to attend our premises in Malvern to have an insight to the organisation along with understanding how core subjects are practically applied within the workplace.