As a product technical specialist I get to see many applications and customers. Something that has regularly come up is the problem of measuring fibers by image analysis.

Caliper based length and width measurements of fibers do not always give an accurate representation of the fiber, particularly if the fiber is curved or branched.

Figure 1
Caliper measurements of a curved fiber may underestimate the length or overestimate the width

Now we have introduced four new fiber parameters for the Morphologi G3. The parameters give a measurement of the total length of a fiber including branches and also an average width over the total fiber length. These measurements can be more representative of a fiber than caliper based measurements. From this fiber based length and width we get a measurement of the straightness of the fiber and the elongation to further characterize the fiber shape.

I have recorded a short presentation to further explain these fiber parameters:

You may also be interested in the related application note:

Download the application note – Measuring the length and width of fibers on the Morphologi G3

These new parameters are available in the latest software release which is freely available to current Morphologi owners. For software upgrades, or for more information, please contact your local Malvern representative.